Tuesday, August 6, 2013

~15 goals for the rest of the year~

update 6.8.2013

As I am fighting my anxiety, I need to try to do more things and really challenge myself. It is soooo hard to do things that scare me. I get anxious very very easily. So, I decided to make a list of goals that I am going to try to do before the year ends. A lot of them feel really scary to me, even though for most people they probably seem really easy.  Actually, there is only one thing on this list that doesn't make me anxious! Yaiks! Wish me luck. :)

1. go to five different op shops by myself
    -Brotherhood of St Laurence in Bentleigh (29.7.2013)
2. walk 50 000 steps (intentional exercising)
    -about 8000 steps done (keep forgetting to use the pedometer...)
3. make puff pastry (can be rough puff)
4. bake one of the ‘best of the bake off’ recipes (Aussie bake off cookbook)
    -baked Nancy's Dukkah and Macadamia bread. Super yummy! 4.8.2013
5. mail two surprise packages
6. lose 10kgs
7. take mr.P for our usual evening drive to Acland st.
8. get a hair cut + colour
    -Woohooo!!!! 1.8.2013
9. go eat lunch at a café by myself
10. get a visa for my passport
11. change curtains in one room
12. bake one of the technical challenge recipes (Aussie bake off cookbook)
      -baked coffee scrolls. Delicious! 6.8.2013 

13. create a cleaning kit for bathroom
14. get my eyes tested
15. go to my local health food shop by myself


  1. Peukut ovat pystyssä - tsemppiä, Laura! Yksi tavoite kerrallaan eteenpäin. Olet ihana ja taitava - onnistut kyllä!

    1. Kiiiiiiiiiiiiitos!!! Toivottavasti saan tehtyä nämä kaikki. :)

  2. I love lists and I love this one, Laura! I wish you every success with achieving your goals! :)

    1. Thank you!!! I have gotten to a very slow start due to everything going on with Sokeri, but finally got started yesterday! :)