Thursday, March 8, 2012

S4 - #13 Iced Patty Cakes

Iced patty cakes, pg.63

I took a break from studying again and did some baking. I made these pretty iced patty cakes ie.cupcakes. It was the first time I ever used food colouring!!! I decided to go with green. So pretty! :) I just ate one of these and it was absolutely delicious.

Pidin taas vähän taukoa opiskeluista ja leivoin. Tein näitä sieviä patty kakkuja.. onkohan se patty cake aussinimi cupcakeille? Käytin ensimmäistä kertaa näitä.. hmm.. mitä ne on suomeksi.. elintarvikevärejä? Kuorrutuksesta tuli kivan vihreää. Nättejä! Just söin yhden näistä ja voi kun se oli hyvää.


  1. These remind me of the types of cakes I used to eat at childhood parties. I get a really nostalgic feeling about them...hehehe! What are you studying, Laura?

  2. They do indeed look very old school, don't they? :) I think they are sooo cute!!! I am studying graphic design. Only my second semester and ah, it causes me so much anxiety. Eeek! But in a long run, I think it will do me good. I study online! The actual school is in the city.

  3. Wow, these were an awesome trip down memory lane! I don't think I've these since I was in short pants :) They're so fresh, so soft and so wonderfully tasty! Yum, yum :)

  4. Wow - graphic design sounds great! Good luck with it. As a perpetual student (I've been studying my masters for the last 5 years at night and will complete at the end of this year - yippee!), make sure you give yourself a break when you need one (I took a semester off last year) and make sure you take the time to enjoy what you're learning :)