Friday, December 9, 2011

skipping 4 - #57 - #60

When I started this project, my only rule was that I am allowed to skip 5% of the recipes. So, with this book that was 4 recipes. I am going to skip these ones:

#57 - Pumpkin soup, pg.11 - Skipping this beacause our blender broke.
#58 - Oysters Alaska, pg.12 - Oysters... no no no. Not ready to even try them yet.
#59 - Tartare sauce, pg.27 - Not so keen for gherkins and capers and just didn't want to spend money to buy those ingredients as I probably never use the rest of them.
#60 - Symple turnovers, pg.45 - Have to skip this one as I don't have a jaffle maker.

So, 12 more recipes to try! I don't have any baking or dessert recipes left. Wow!

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